Comfort Series boats offer maritime enthusiasts a flawless experience with their elegant designs, superior performance, and user-friendly features.

Comfort Series: Thanks to their deep “V” hull design, Comfort Series boats provide higher performance. This structure also allows for increased load and personnel carrying capacity, coupled with comfortable seating systems, making journeys more enjoyable. Therefore, they are often preferred as tender boats for yachts.


Standard Accessories: Comfort Series boats are equipped with a meticulous selection of standard accessories designed for comfort and safety. These include:

  • Console – Chrome Handle and Plexiglass: An aesthetically appealing console featuring a chrome handle for easy operation and durable plexiglass.
  • Seats and Seat Cushions: Ergonomically designed seats and seat cushions to enhance comfort during long journeys.
  • Bow Step (CTP): A special bow step to ensure safe boarding onto the boat.
  • Navigation Lights and Electrical System: Navigation lights for safe night-time sailing and a complete electrical system.
  • Deck Lights (LED): LED deck lights for an aesthetic look and easy night-time use.
  • Automatic Bilge Pump: An automatic bilge pump for quickly and effectively draining any water accumulation.
  • Boat Air Pump: A practical boat air pump for quickly inflating and deflating the boat.
  • Oars: Oars for maneuvering in emergency situations or when needed.
  • Tool Kit: A tool kit containing essentials for minor repairs.
  • User Manual: A comprehensive user manual providing guidance on proper usage and maintenance.

Comfort Series: Comfort Series boats offer superior performance due to their deep “V” hull design. This structure also provides increased load-carrying capacity and personnel transport capability, coupled with comfortable seating systems to make journeys more enjoyable. Therefore, they are often preferred as tender boats for yachts.

Additional information

Weight 600 kg
Dimensions 620 × 268 cm
Technical Information

Technical Specifications:

Overall Length: 620 cm
Overall Width: 268 cm
Overall Interior Length: 515 cm
Overall Interior Width: 146 cm
Empty Weight: 600 kg
Maximum Carrying Capacity: 12 persons
Tube Diameter: 565 cm
Number of Air Chambers: 5
Max. Engine Power: 150 Hp
Fuel Tank Capacity: 130 Lt
Design Category: C
Shaft Length: 63
Tube Operating Pressure: 0.22 Bar




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