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Admiral Boat Dealer and Authorized Service Center

The Most Reliable Admiral Boat Dealer and Authorized Service in Marmaris!

While exploring the hidden coves of Marmaris, enjoy the sea adventure offered by Amarin Dinghy. Since 2014, as Amarin Dinghy, we take pride in providing sea enthusiasts with reliable and sturdy boats. With our experience and expertise, we offer you the highest quality service while sailing the seas.

At Amarin Dinghy, we offer many boat models, each specially designed and of high standards. Whether it’s open deck, console boats, rib boats, and more, you can find the perfect option to meet your needs. Each of our boats is known for its durable structure and reliable performance. Our goal is to make every moment at sea enjoyable and safe.

For Sea Enthusiasts in Marmaris: Admiral Boat Marmaris Dealer and Authorized Service Center!

Since 2014, as the leading brand in the maritime sector in Marmaris, we have been providing services as Amarin Dinghy service. To offer sea enthusiasts the best experience, we perform maintenance and repairs of your boats with our authorized service. Our trained and experienced team is here to meet all your needs.

Are you ready for a maritime adventure with us? As Amarin Dinghy, we are here to provide the best experience at sea. Come, join us, and enjoy exploring the beauty of the sea!

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  • Reliable and Sturdy Boats for Maritime Enthusiasts.

  • Custom Design Options with Various Boat Models.

  • Professional Service: Admiral Boat Maintenance and Repair.